Teens' Notebook: Telltale Signs of Being In-love

Confused on what you are feeling? Having passed the teenage years, I have gone through the stage of being in-love for the first time. 

My  daughters' (Angel & Riana) art work

Here are tell-tale signs you might be in-love:

1. Are you happy being with that person?

Every time you are with this guy, it gives you reason to smile. Your eyes show your feelings and  your face is beaming.   People begins to notice you are blooming.  Happiness of a person in-love reflects on her face.

2. Suddenly you are a changed person.

Before, it is hard for you to get-up from bed and feel like sleeping all day but you are getting-up because you need to.  Suddenly, every morning excites you and you are inspired to wake-up earlier than usual.

3. Are you affected when somebody  criticize him?

Yes, you became Cruella de Ville (101 Dalmatians) and wanted to skin that critic alive, anyone who says something bad or is against him!  You are like his attorney explaining his every shortcomings and always ready to protect his reputation etc.

4. You are ready to give him up to make him happy?

It does not matter that much if he is not into you although there is this pinch in your heart and you are hoping that he feels the way you do :(  You feel happy when he is even that means his with another person instead of you.

5. "Jealousy" and "assuming" never left your side since then

You are envious of those he has given more attention than you - though you are not really his girlfriend or you do not have a mutual understanding yet.  You are somewhat became assuming/over-expecting, all the good things done are  exaggeratedly meaningful to you even though it is just nothing to him.

6. You became self-conscious.

You can not leave without ever looking a hundred times in the mirror and you became choosy on what to wear, which is not really you - you used to don anything that is comfortable to you no matter how it looks on you. No wonder you practice how to smile the prettiest way in front of the mirror and even chewing is a big deal to you. Very conscious, indeed!

7. Chills, dry-throat feeling, jitters 

Your heart beats as loud as it deafens your ears. And that made you garble when you talk and just by looking at him you are mesmerized that you do not seem to hear what he is  saying. You feel jitters when he is around, it seems like you swallowed your tongue too and your throat is like a desert .

8. Daydreaming

You always find yourself imagining things like being with him etc. That made you become a little senile and half-conscious. You are starting to lose concentration- it manifests in lower grades because while your professor is talking a glimpse of him passes on your mind.

Even if you say YES to all of those above - your feelings can not be stopped BUT it can be GUIDED by no one else but you :) Whatever advice your parents or the other elders might give you, it will not be helpful if you can not let your mind control your heart. Emotions had always led many of us in wrong decisions that brought us in despair later on, here is another article that will somehow help you govern your feelings Experience as a "Teacher". Being in-love is not bad, it is what you have become  while feeling in-love that is important.

An advise from your older sister, let that LOVE change you for the BETTER. You will see your parents will not object about your being too young to entertain such emotions if they see you are inspired and became better than you are before.  Make that love an inspiration to study harder and reach your goals in life.  And teenage love sometimes are just giggles that later on in life you will find out LOVE is deeper than it is when you are mature enough.  Here is another article I have written about The Real Essence of Love and here are Movies & Songs Suggestions.

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